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Sunday, April 22, 2007

I will never make fun of a panicking Sim after this...

What an eventful week this one was!

On Wednesday night, while my friends and I carpooled on the way home from work/gym to watch 'Sunshine' at the cinema, this sequence of events unfolded...

1) Hit a slight bump on the road towards the highway.
2) Lights of dashboard/speedometer went dead.
3) Eisu asked "Do you smell that?", and lo, smoke started emanating from the steering wheel box.
4) Emergency parking on the roadside, got out of the car to escape the smoke.
5) Opened the front to let the engine cool down.
6) Eisu went over to turn off the headlights, and was welcomed with the sight of fire coming out from under the steering wheel.

Thankfully, we managed to douse the fire, but the damage to the wiring looked quite extensive and pretty much cringe-inducing (and indeed, the cost of the spare parts was just that T_T) . Nevertheless, what was important was that Eisu, Hanie and myself got out of this incident safely as we were driving at night (when we can see the malfunctioning lights and react to the emergency swiftly), in an area with low traffic, and with fire-dousing implements at hand. All in all, I'm just pretty relieved none of us got hurt and we managed to get home safely courtesy of Hilmy and Phui Mun (THANKS GUYS TwT).

But a true life account wouldn't be complete without PICTURES!

After we doused the fire that night

Morning after horrifics (after my uncle opened the cover to check the damage)

Oh well, on a cheerful workstation is finally up and running (and yes, the CPU is arranged sideways for (lack-of) space reasons.)

Big sweet monitor of love :3

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New PC Hullabaloo

So I got myself the new system over the weekend, which included these specs:

Core 2 Duo 2.4 Ghz E6600
Nvidia GeForce 7600GT
2 Gigs of RAM
Samsung 19" Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor

Managed to keep the overall spending slightly under my budget of RM$3500, which is a relief. Initially before my purchase, I was a little bit depressed at the idea of shelling out so much cash at a time, but after I tried out Jade Empire with absolutely no lag whatsoever in its beautiful graphics, my apprehension melted away :D Drawing and painting is also an absolute treat with the widescreen BIG and SPACIOUS!

Speaking of painting, did something in Painter (now with 50% less lag!):

Hurrah for brand new workstations :D

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Friday, April 13, 2007

High-res, smooth gaming anticipation ahoy

In two more days I shall finally get a brand new system after sticking with my current one for 5 long years; A new machine with enough power for heavy duty CG-ing and max juice for current CRPGs like Jade Empire TwT So in my anticipation of the joy to come, here's an older scribble of the two lovely ladies from the game, Wu and Dawn Star.

Something you'll never ever see in Avatar the Last Airbender: A remorseful Azula!


KOTOR 1 character profiles, done on a whim; Female Revan, Carth Onasi, and Bastila Shan. Carth looks a slight bit haggard and weary, and Bastila seems to exude that snooty air she has initially.

On a somewhat expenditure-related note, I have to ask: Is it crazy to plonk down wads of cash for an Xbox 360 just for Mass Effect? Because recent previews have shot almost all of my resistance to buying a console catering mostly to the FPS crowd. Bioware had me at the conversation system T_T

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Friday, April 6, 2007 April'07 Calendar

Okay, so April 1st may have come and gone, but heck, I gotta plug this; My art is on this month's Kotorfanmedia calendar, featuring lovey-dovey Carth Onasi and Female Revan in a Bollywood-like setting :D

Go to April 2007 Calendar Page


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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Contest Fever!!

It's been competition fever in some areas of the art world, and I caught a bug or two @o@

My entry for ImagineFX's Manga Art Competition - The grand prize is a Wii, one my housemate and I want oh-so badly XD

My submission for Katie Shanahan's Shrub Monkeys Contest. I can imagine Magical Shagster here saying "DADA, here I come!"

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