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Monday, July 16, 2007

CRPG Player Avatar bust portraits

So yesterday was Wii Friday at the office, and a colleague and I dominated the last hour of lunchtime playing Rayman Raving Rabbids. We tried the Cow Tossing mode a gazillion times, on account of us being crap at throwing in the right direction, and the aftermath really shows: MY ARMS HURT A CRAPLOAD. Managed to massage them last night to prevent lactic acid from settling in the muscles, but the arms still ache a bit this morning.

And the point of that whole paragraph: WARM UP BEFORE YOU WII T_T

Been meaning to post these artworks earlier in the week, but I got pretty tired/lazy when I come back from work (pretty much the same reason why this blogspot ain't updated more than once a month...must...change). Basically, I made a meme of sorts in DeviantArt, in which I sketched out people's CRPG player character avatars in my style. Pretty fun, and for once I drew different Revan faces and World of Warcraft stuff.

Damn it, garbage truck's in front of my house, and I haven't taken out the trash yet @_@

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