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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Off to SDCC'09!

Flying off tomorrow morning! Will be updating my mis-adventures in the Sunny State at the blog below:

Aimo@SDCC'09 Travel Blog

See ya there!

Friday, July 3, 2009

UPDATE: YonGumix MEOW at SDCC'09!

YonGumi's latest comic anthology is coming to San Diego Comic Con 2009! The 48-page book features short comics and artworks by Hanie, Eisu, Mel, and Yours Truly.

The anthology will be available at the Blatant Comics booth #1328 on all four days, while stocks last. If you purchase a copy when I'm around at the booth, I'll be more than happy to doodle a quick sketch inside as thanks. If I'm unavailable, please bring the book on another day for me to sketch in.

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Fan comic sightings

Two of my Dragon Age fan comic strips are up on the Bioware Blog:

The Magic Word, featuring Alistair

Strange Bedfellows, featuring Morrigan, Dog, and a lil' bit of Alistair.


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More goodies in grey

Tusken Raider

Arwen Undomiel

Poison Ivy

All artworks are done with ink, Copic markers, and pen white on manga paper.

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